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I’m on a friggin mission! No joke. 

Heads up, YOU’RE AN AMAZING CREATOR and the world may have forgotten to tell you. The potential you feel bubbling inside waiting to be expressed isn’t just wishful thinking. It’s your soul attempting to communicate with you, asking you to step up and be your amazing, authentic, and limitless self. I continually push my edges of comfort, stretch beyond my mental perceptions, and LEAP when my heart tells me to, and you know what I’ve discovered? The only thing that keeps us feeling small is our ideas of what we believe is possible and our habit of ignoring our heart. By transcending your personal limitations and old self-concepts that keep you in your present reality, you will not only uncover your true creative genius, passion, and purpose, but you will also gain the confidence needed to show up fully and make a difference in the world.

Living up to your true potential is a thrilling journey, but you can’t cut corners along the way. Seriously friends… You have to do the inner work to see the outer results. Trust me, I know! For the past 13+ years, I’ve spent my time intentionally diving into the depths of myself and what I have uncovered is an incredible unseen power that is yearning to be expressed. But I didn’t always have the confidence and heart-centered trust that I do now. Quite opposite, actually. I used to be severely depressed, emotionally numb, physically paralyzed, and I self-identified with every rambling thought that drifted through my mind. I tried so hard to fit in and make everyone like me, but I didn’t like myself. I hated the voice in my head that told me I wasn’t good enough and the numbness I felt from being so disconnected from my body. I lacked self-confidence because I honestly didn’t know who I was or what direction I should go in. I was living in a manmade mental prison and I didn’t know how to escape. This confusion sent me spiraling into an existential depression that nearly cost me my life. But once I finally grew tied of feeling like a helpless victim I did something about it. I learned meditation and EVERYTHING. Read more about my transformational journey.


Are you ready to live a soul-satisfying life doing exactly what you LOVE to do? 

My philosophy is simple – if you do what you love, you’ll love what you do. Creating the life your heart is yearning for requires one thing: Permission to Go-For-It. You are more powerful then you let yourself believe and the ONLY thing you will lose in the process of leaping into a new life is your old small self. Trust me, I know! Your potential is bubbling underneath the surface, simply waiting for you to claim it and run with it. Now is the time. GO, GO, GO! I’ve got your back – ♥ Kristi


A fun little poem I wrote, just because I can 🙂




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So, I kind of have a fun little thing going on here! I love my work, I love being of service, and most of all I LOVE my COMMUNITY! These beautiful people are the backbone of what we are co-creating here – A Conscious, Loving Planet! I simply hold space for amazing, authentic, and caring people to come play in. Whether it’s a one-on-one healing session, a personal development workshop, or a conscious community gathering, it takes a village to create this amount of creative change. Everyone has a unique gift to share and I’m determined to provide as many opportunities as possible for this light to SHINE BRIGHTLY! Come play with us!!

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 Oh man, I friggin LOVE conscious community! Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 8.04.11 PM

  • Kristi- I want to let you know how much I appreciate you and all that you do. Because of you coming into my life I now meditate on a regular basis and even do meditations with my grandson before he goes to sleep. He says it is his favorite time- meditations and back rubs with grandma. It is really fun and now he is picking out his own color of balls and what they represent. I am so incredibly thankful to have learned this and to share it…Look at how AMAZING Peaceful Living Productions is! I am so blessed to have found you! Hopefully I can be back there soon. Many Blessing to YOU!–Kristina French

  • As we all evolve, it is inspiring to have a woman such as Kristi Lee Schatz among us.–Florence Haridan

  • Took my first meditation class Monday night. Kristi offered compassionate, soothing, thought-provoking messages throughout. I think it’s great she brought her business to our city and, more specifically, our immediate community of Riverside/Avondale. I would recommend anyone willing to let their guard down a little bit to give it a shot. Could be a life changer.–Jim Schoettler




“Standing in the Shadow” by Kristi Lee Schatz

We see outside but not within
Projecting the past of where we have been
Stuck in our minds and out of our hearts
the world we see is through our own dark

Those shadows that plaque our vision and sight
keep us creating the same night after night after night
Do you believe what you see in the world to be true
Or do foster ideas that could bring anew

A new awareness and perception of our limitless nature
that nurtures the spirit of the creative maker
The part within that seems to know
that moves and shakes to help you grow

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