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Unity Plaza Update: Wellness Department Programming Plans
by Kristi Lee Schatz, M.A.
Director of Wellness, Unity Plaza – Jacksonville, Florida

Original publication: www.unityplaza.org

It’s no secret that most of us live in high-stress environments with little focus on self-care. We feel out of balance mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, yet we’re unsure of how to successfully remedy the problem. As recently reported by the Jacksonville Business Journal, Gallup ranked Jacksonville in the lowest category for well-being for metropolitan cities across the nation. While many factors play into this evaluation, it’s our responsibility as a community to do something to address this critical issue.


Unity Plaza’s wellness department is spearheading a movement to bring year-round holistic wellness events and daily activities, such as yoga and meditation, to address the root cause of our health and wellness concerns. By bringing these personal development resources to the forefront of our community’s awareness, we hope to help shift the health paradigm from a reactive care model to a more preventative and whole-person focused system. We intend to play our part in bringing forward the necessary educational and experiential learning processes for evolving our consciousness as a civilization. Our programming will feature the best of evidence-based practices in health and wellness, alongside cutting-edge programs that challenge the current perception of possibilities. Our experience-focused and integrative programming will feature:

  • Ongoing daily activities for health & wellness (i.e. yoga, meditation, & tai chi)
  • Recurring holistic wellness training programs
  • World class workshops presented by industry luminaries
  • Unity Plaza custom designed wellness events including seminars, symposiums, conferences, and even corporate wellness programs and activities



An experiential education series focused on nurturing the whole person. This pillar will include everything from daily yoga and meditation classes, to world class workshops and transformational seminars focused on:

• The Mind-Body Connection
• Cutting-Edge Consciousness Studies
• Personal Development
• Holistic Training Programs
• Heart-Centered Community Engagement


An integrative education and engagement series for maintaing a healthy and active lifestyle. The Healthy Living pillar will include ongoing classes and seminars focused on addressing important health topics for our community, as well as walk/runs, health fairs, and healthy living challenges that engage individuals, families, and companies. Examples topics include:

  • Nutritional Health & Physical Fitness for Natural Longevity
  • Daily Practices for Seniors
  • Integrative and Preventative Health Topics
  • Work-Life Balance Strategies


A community education series for increasing environmental consciousness. This pillar is geared towards expanding awareness about sustainable living practices and engaging the community with local environmental initiatives. Categories of exploration include:

  • Ecology / Permaculture
  • Sustainable Practices For Everyday Living
  • Wilderness / Outdoor Exploration


This pillar is centered around nurturing conscious, proactive, and purpose-driven leaders for our community. Programming will provide personal development opportunities that help to expand professional success through engagement with local and global thought-leaders at seminars and meetup groups. Pillar themes include:

  • Conscious Capitalism
  • Leading with Purpose
  • Emerging Leaders & Catalysts for Change

Additional programming will be added as we continue to develop the wellness department. Our goal is to create meaningful and strategic partnerships with facilitators and organizations who align with our mission and vision and seek to bring forth high-quality educational experiences for our community’s holistic evolution.

Stay up-to-date with our development at www.UnityPlaza.org or contact Jen Jones, Executive Director at jj@unityplaza.org or Kristi Lee Schatz, Director of Wellness at wellness@unityplaza.org.