Holy Crap, What A Ride!

Living up to your true potential is a thrilling journey, but you can’t cut corners along the way. Seriously friends… You have to do the inner work to see the outer results. Trust me, I know! For the past 15+ years, I’ve spent my time intentionally diving into the depths of myself and what I have uncovered is an incredible unseen power that is yearning to be expressed. But I didn’t always have the confidence and heart-centered trust that I do now. Quite opposite, actually. I used to be severely depressed, emotionally numb, physically paralyzed, and I self-identified with every rambling thought that drifted through my mind. I tried so hard to fit in and make everyone like me, but I didn’t like myself. I hated the voice in my head that told me I wasn’t good enough and the numbness I felt from being so disconnected from my body. I lacked self-confidence because I honestly didn’t know who I was or what direction I should go in. I was living in a manmade mental prison and I didn’t know how to escape. This confusion sent me spiraling into an existential depression that nearly cost me my life. But once I finally grew tied of feeling like a helpless victim I did something about it. I learned meditation and EVERYTHING changed.


The fear of vulnerability I felt in my body shook me to my core until I couldn’t bear it any longer. The faulty foundation I built my life upon came crumbling down giving me the chance to relearn who I really am. Discovering that I was not defined by my thoughts or past experiences liberated me from my morbid state of hiding. I threw myself over the edge of comfort again and again, stretching myself and expanding my awareness. I’ve grown content with being uncomfortable and not wrestling with my experiences. I choose to be the witness to my in-the-moment reactions and reflect with compassion and curiosity, instead of judgment and shame. This has changed my life.

Letting go of who I am not so that I could learn who I really am has required continual practice and patience. The deeper I dive into my inner world and clear the old limiting self-concepts, the more I am able to fully show up in the outer world. My life continues to shift as I evolve and I am extremely grateful and humbled by the creative force that lives within each of us. My very best advice to anyone looking to live a soul-satisfying life is to uncover your true self and listen to the whisper that will guide you in the direction that is best for your own evolution.

I’m happy to still be alive.

I now have a TON of fun in life! I’m following my heart and it never leads me astray.  My quest to transcend the human condition has paved the way for me to do what I love and therefore I love what I do. The voice that echoes from deep within has grown louder over the years as I’ve consciously chosen to silence my mental programming and tune into my heart. It speaks of unconditional love, acceptance, compassion, patience, and infinite possibilities. This is the voice I now listen to for guidance on my path because in essence, this is who I really am

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Kristi Lee Schatz



My Morning Meditation – Sunrise Photos  

I rise with the sun each morning so that I can be reminded to SHINE every single day.  Even when there are clouds blocking the sun rays, I still have trust that the light will shine through. These are a few of my photos.

Kristi Lee Schatz Photo's




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