“Standing in the Shadow” by Kristi Lee Schatz

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“Standing in the Shadow”
by Kristi Lee Schatz

We see outside but not within
Projecting the past of where we have been

Stuck in our minds and out of our hearts
the world we see is through our own dark

Those shadows that plaque our vision and sight
keep us creating the same night after night after night

Do you believe what you see in the world to be true
Or do foster ideas that could bring anew

A new awareness and perception of our limitless nature
that nurtures the spirit of the creative maker

The part within that seems to know
that moves and shakes to help you grow

Conditioned to believe that we need to be
separate from you and isolated to me.
yet Sharing in truth is what will set us free
because in essence you are not really separate from me

Duality is an illusion of our limited selves
blinded by our judgment of everyone else

Those shadows that plaque our vision and sight
keep us creating the same night after night after night

But what if you could surrender and let it all go,
releasing your fears and concerns of the status quo

The social contracts that govern who you should be
how you should express, and define you as separate from me

Push against the edges of what you believe
and you’ll redefine what you can achieve

Settling on less would be a detriment to your soul
For your true essence has but one goal

To live and love without inhibition
and bring your dreams into fruition

Your creative self yearns to re-emerge
because it observes that you on the verge

The verge of remembering and restoring that which is true
the Divine awakening that will help you see through

Beyond the illusion of isolation
and into the awareness of your incarnation

Gone are the days of projection and disconnection
as we realize that love is the only pure reflection

Reflection of our beauty and our light
is the gas that fuels the flame to ignite

If growing and glowing is the path of true knowing
then we shall burn bright to keep it all flowing

Those shadows that plaque our vision and sight
cannot sustain in the wake of our light
as the truth exposes the falsehoods of our fright
and crumbles the walls that held us so tight

Bound, constricted and silenced no more
we will rise to remember our infinite core
Knowing our being is absolutely pure
will free us from our cycle of this human chore

You are the maker and that is true
everything you see exist within the depths you
Choosing freedom over comfort will bring anew
for awakening the spirit is not reserved for a few

Your heart is alive and aware of more
Waiting for you to connect and find out for sure.

Step aside and end the chase
for your destination is already in place
the silence is a means to create the space
which opens the door to reveal your grace.

Those shadows that plagued your vision and sight
can no longer remain in the wake of your unbound and illuminated light
Be yourself, free yourself, love yourself, and rise
for the time has come for you to open your eyes.