Video Rant: Cultivating Presence

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Video post about the power of connecting to each other in the present moment.

Authentic relating isn’t about telling each other “stories” from the past or discussing shared projections about the world. It’s about the moment-to-moment felt-sense experience of being with each other, right here, right now. Most of us struggle with keeping our attention in the present because of our prior programming and habitual patterns of living in our mind which is never in the present.

A great practice is to sit in silence, bringing all awareness to the sensations in your body because sensations are ALWAYS in the present moment. Try this with another person, each of you describing the subtle shifts in sensations while sitting in the presence of each other. It will help your keep your mind out of the way and drop you back into your body which makes opening your heart much easier! Plus, relating with another personal who is fully conscious in the present moment is incredibly transformative!